The Importance of New Hire Orientation

12.9.15 |4:57 PM

Importance of New Hire Orientation

New hire orientation is the process of helping new hires adjust to social and performance aspects of their new jobs quickly and smoothly. This should always be a priority, because in the United States, every year more than 25 percent of the working population experiences career transitions. The following information will explain why new hire orientation is so important and how you can proactively manage orientation. New Hire Orientation

The Four C’s

The building blocks of successful new hire orientations are often called the four C’s:

  • Compliance is teaching employees basic legal and policy-related rules.
  • Clarification refers to ensuring that employees understand their new jobs and all related expectations.
  • Culture is a broad category that includes providing employees with a sense of the organization norms- both formal and informal.
  • Connection refers to the relationships and information networks that new employees must establish.

Short Term Outcomes of New Hire Orientation: New Employee Adjustment

  1. New hire orientation promotes self confidence in job performance. He or she will be more motivated and eventually more successful than less confident coworkers.
  2. Role clarity– is how well a new employee understands his or her role and expectations. Performance will suffer if expectations are ambiguous. Role Clarity is a good indication of how well adjusted a new employee is, and measuring role clarity can help organizations stop potential performance problems before they get worse, leading to poor attitudes.
  3. Social Integration– Meeting and starting to work with organizational “insiders” is an important aspect of learning about the company. In addition, new employees need to feel socially comfortable and accepted by their peers and superiors.
  4. Knowledge of and fit within an organizational culture-Every company has a unique culture, so helping new hires navigate that culture and their place within it is essential. Important indicators of a new hires adjustment include understanding company’s politics, goals/values, and learning the company’s unique language. Down the line, knowledge of company culture is associated with commitment and satisfaction.

Long Term Outcomes of New Hire Orientation: Attitudes and Behaviors

Research on new hire orientation shows that when orientation is done correctly, it leads to:

  • higher job satisfaction
  • organizational commitment
  • lower turnover
  • higher performance levels
  • career effectiveness
  • lowered stress

Forms to send to DEM Group following new hire orientation

Completed information must be sent within 3 days of the new hires start date. Forms should be faxed to (586)739-4610 or emailed to your payroll specialist. This information is crucial for proper payroll processing set up and maintaining compliant employee files. Below is a list of items DEM Group needs for each new employee:

  • Employee Application
  • Employee Acknowledgment Signature
  • Federal W-4
  • State W-4
  • Policy Against Harassment & Discrimination
  • Direct Deposit
  • I-9 with Proper Identification

Optional Items:

  • Holiday Fund
  • Flexible Spending Account


Article from- Onboarding New Employees: Maximizing Success- SHRM