When we looked at what we were paying for our Employee Administration, it was obvious that we needed to find a better way of managing our personnel needs. DEM Group provided us a single point of contact for payroll, benefits, and HR. They were just what we needed at a time when we were looking to cut costs. It was less expensive hiring DEM Group to handle our employee administration needs than we could afford to do it ourselves”.

RobertController • Automotive Supplier

When I started my business I thought I knew everything I needed to know about how to run my business successfully. The one thing I didn’t anticipate was the “business” of employment. Payroll every week, benefits questions, personnel matters, etc. I was spending more time servicing my employees than I was servicing our customers. Turns out I didn’t know as much as I thought I did. It was overwhelming. DEM Group helped me get a handle on my business by giving me access to a team of professionals to help me run my business more efficiently”.

BillOwner • Service Company

I have been an HR Manager for 18 years and used to spend countless hours meeting with different vendors to provide our company with employee benefits. Every year it was something different. DEM Group enabled me to manage our benefits with a single point of contact. They were able to handle our Benefits Administration with the same level of knowledge and professionalism we have come to expect from them. It freed me up to focus more on the day-to-day duties of my department. In addition, DEM Group helped us expand our benefit package, including a 401(k) Plan for the first time, that has helped us attract and retain workers”.

MaryHR Manager • Advertising Agency

When an employee came to me and asked about FMLA, I had no idea what they were talking about. A call to DEM Group helped me understand and better explain my responsibilities as an employer. DEM Group took the time to meet with the employee and help them complete the necessary paperwork. It made me appreciate the decision I made when I hired DEM Group. Having an employee administration company like DEM Group on our team allows me to relax and focus on my core business. It’s important to me, and to my business, to know I have that knowledge and experience as close as a phone call away”.

JimPresident • Plastics Company

DEM Group has been our Employee Administration Provider for 9 years. I wouldn’t think of doing it any other way. DEM Group has been as important to our company as any provider could be. They are woven into the management of our company and seldom do we make a personnel decision without consulting DEM Group first. There is a direct correlation between our decision to hire DEM Group 9 years ago and the success our company has experienced over the same time. While the cost of everything else seems to be going up, DEM Group has helped us control employee administration costs. We have used other companies in the past with mixed results. DEM Group has the highest level of experience, professionalism, and, most of all, integrity. What a great partner to have”.

PattiOffice Manager • Medical Practice