October HR Newsletter- Employee Administration

12.8.15 |9:30 PM

Successfully Engage New Hires with Pre-boarding employee administration

Top Talent is in high demand, making the first 90 days on the job critical. Companies must have a seamless on-boarding process to fully engage and retain new hires. The idea of pre-boarding is to engage the candidate before the offer is made. Pre-boarding process begins with the application and interview process. The on-boarding process is to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become an effective new employee once the job offer has been accepted. Changing jobs can be difficult for the new hire and sometimes their family, especially if relocation is required. Below are a few helpful tips that should be included to make a smooth pre-boarding process: Employee Administration

  • Create a welcome video. This video can be personalized to the specific position or person. The video should include a quick office and / or department tour. A really welcoming touch would be to have group message of welcome from the executive staff or the department. This helps generate excitement for the new hire.
  • When relocation is required, the company should send a packet listing local resources such as maps, real estate agents, local car dealerships, or any other guides that will make the relocation process more relaxed. This should be sent out electronically or via mail as soon as the offer is made to the candidate.
  • Invite and engage the new hire on the company’s social media site. Post a message welcoming the new employee to the company.
  • Send all new hire paperwork including benefit forms and information, before the first day of hire. Include a note and an organizational chart so the new hire feels more acclimated to the culture and is better equipped for the first day.
  • Schedule a meeting with the new hire and HR for day one on the job. This meeting will be to go over all on-boarding materials, finalize all paperwork, and provide technology access information such as email address, and network usernames, etc.

Use a pre-boarding process to make things easier and less of a guessing game for the new employee. Making a new hire feel welcome during this time will help ease with the transition to a new workplace.


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